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About Me:

I am an Indian girl, working as a software developer and living as a traveller. If I would have to define myself in one line then I would say, I am a free spirit with a wild heart and an open road ahead!
I have backpacked through a few European countries, destinations in UK and handful of Indian corners so far. I guess my love for travelling started in my childhood itself. Being a proud daughter of an air Warrior, I was always taught to accept and adjust to a new environment. Making new friends and getting to know the city was always part of my life. But I never considered it as a passion earlier. It actually started when I went alone to a neighbouring city once, just to see the lake and eat their famous kebab and it ended with me obsessing over unexplored Cities, mountains, nature and of course travel itself.  Going on an adventure or just to lose yourself in the city, travel is something really close to me.

I wander to feel the excitement of stepping on the streets of a new city and of course for Food! 😀  I am a hopeless foodie and trying local cuisines and savouring the reactions of my taste buds to new dishes is something I cherish <3. Besides losing myself in the charm of the unknowns, I love to spend my time reading, painting, sketching, playing chess and occasional writing. Nowadays, I am learning to be a travel photographer. I am also a big Netflix fan and every now & then I like to surrender myself to the amazing movies and series Netflix has in store.

Travelling has rewired my stubborn soul into a better being. I have learned a lot and collected a whole bunch of memories & stories with every trip. One fine day while narrating one of my trip to my friend on chat, I realised that writing about the experience made me relive the moment again. So here I am! I would like you to be a part of my journey. I hope you would enjoy it.

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  1. Oh that’s great …A traveller,Writer,Painter, photographer & modelling….What will you opt next? …Anyway You know who I am?😊Ring any bells?


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